Getting Back Online

One of my New Years Resolutions for 2018 is to get back online and engage with social media and start blogging. I have ‘posts’ that I’ve been drafting in OneNote since June 2016, and haven’t contributed much to my social media channels at all. Having had my domain name registered since 2010 and done little with it other than email I though it was about time I put it to use.

Here are the social media I use and what for. More to follow…


I’m definitely much more of a consumer than contributor on Facebook. I can’t remember the last time I posted anything on there other than holiday photos. The only notifications I seem to get are when friends have tagged me in memes.

I don’t have the Facebook app on my iPhone; I use Safari instead, as it means I can click on links, have them open in new tabs and then ‘queued up’ ready for me to read. It really irritates me that I’m not able to easily do this from within the Facebook app.

It may well be that this has changed now as it’s been so long since I’ve had the native app but I’d love to hear how others get around this – surely I can’t be the only person who uses this? As someone who lives in London, takes the Underground to and from work with intermittent cellular and Wi-Fi signal it’s beneficial to be able to open up 5-10 links to be able to read offline when on the train.


I cleared down my Twitter feed of everything before Boxing Day 2016 – everything from before a year ago to the day was nuked. All that’s been posted on there since is photos that I’ve also posted to my (public) Instagram profile. So it’s probably about time I made my Twitter public again and used it fully.


I feel as though my Instagram has gone downhill lately; following the same route as the rest of my social media? I rarely seem to post at all to my profile, which I think is down to a few factors:

  • With the addition of ‘Stories’ in Instagram I’ll add certain activities there instead of to my posts, although before the inclusion of this I’d have happily posted to my profile to remain.
  • As both of my parents are active on Instagram (although they use it in the way I use Facebook for sharing family photos) I also seem to get the whole 20 questions whenever I’ve been out.